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Quality & Durability v. Size:

Build or buy a house that’s the right size for your family now as it increase/decreases in size. remember, you have to furnish, clean, maintain, heat and cool, and insure the whole house. Smart design can make a smaller house feel bigger and bad design can make a big house seem cramped. More size does not necessarily mean more comfort for the occupants. Having a smaller home can allow you to add quality products and features to your home

Build a Good Shell:

Use a high quality “total fill” type of insulation that completely fills the void in your walls (i.e. blown-in fibreglass, cellulose or foam). Foam, caulk and weather strip every penetration and crack to avoid air infiltration that compromises the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of your home. Have your home professionally tested with a “blower door” to see how leaky it is.

Quality Roof:

Don’t skimp on your roof because failures in it can destroy all that exist below it. Install a tile, metal or 40-year composition shingle roof that will ease your fears about deterioration and leaks. Tile and metal can save you energy, can be used safely for rainwater collection, and may also qualify for reduced house insurance.

Allow for Natural Ventilation:

Design and place windows for good cross ventilation, taking full advantage of any prevailing breezes. Plan for windows on two sides of a room whenever possible. Use ceiling fans to move air and consider a “whole house” fan as well.