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Environmental protection forms an integral part of planning and procurement methods

in undertaking building projects.  On a continual basis we endeavour to minimise the environmental damage of our works by the selection of working methods and materials that assess the use of natural resources and their potential environmental impact. We endeavour only to use environmentally friendly building and finishing materials and, for example,  to ensure that any timber products are procured from sustainable forests.


Community Involvement

For the duration of the we seek to involve the local community and keep the residents fully informed of works, which will affect their homes and day to day lives. W

All work is carried out with positive consideration to the needs of the traders and businesses, site personnel and visitors, pedestrians, shoppers, the general public and the environment in general.

Special attention is given to the needs of those with sight, hearing and mobility difficulties.

Local Labour

3D Builders  supports the use of local labour and training of people for the building

industry. It improves the local community, addresses the skills shortages within the industry and most importantly, gives people assistance in finding meaningful employment.

Local Training Initiatives

3D Builders  seeks to provide the opportunity of practical training to people wishing to pursue a career in building and has implemented a training policy which embraces a variety

of building training initiatives including onsite and in house training for workers.

Community Projects

3D Builders  aims to become involved with community projects wherever possible through contact with the Residents or Neighbourhood Association and by contributing time, money or

resources to local projects or events.