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We recognize that our activities can adversely impact the environment and so as responsible people with our own families and futures to protect we have developed a Sustainability Policy in our order to help us minimize any adverse environmental impacts caused by our works.


3D Builders have addressed the four criteria on the agenda for sustainable building and

has developed and adopted the following policy:


During Building 3D Builders  is committed to protecting the environment in all its building works. For example, noise from building operations and all other sources is to be kept to a minimum at all times and consideration is given in the selection and use of local resources wherever possible.

Particular attention is paid to waste management, the avoidance of pollution, the recycling of surplus materials, the avoidance of noise, and the protection of trees and vegetation. The working site is kept clean and in good order at all times with temporary safety barriers, lights and warning signs maintained in a clean and safe condition.

Surplus materials are not allowed to accumulate on the site or spill over onto the surrounding environment and dust from building operations shall be kept to a minimum.

Where the contract allows we aim to make use of sustainable renewable energy schemes and activities and materials which promote sustainable living for example Dual flush, low capacity WC cisterns, low energy lighting, Solar Voltaic electricity generation, insulation, bio degradable materials.

Waste Management

3D Builders operates as Licensed waste carrier under the EPA 1990.

Our market place of residential properties often limits our ability to separate building waste for recycling, however, all waste is carried to licensed waste disposal facilities and segregated in accordance with the facilities at that site. Continues on next page…..