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Even if you don’t need planning more than likely you will need building regulations approval.

At 3D builders we can advise you if building regulations will apply to your project and indeed manage all the processes for you as part of our 4 Step approach to hassle free building. We ensure that all work is fully compliant.  

What is building regulations approval

It is essentially the pre vetting and approval of your building plans by the building control department of your local council to ensure that your project is carried out to high standards for the health, safety and welfare of the occupiers, users of a building and the general public. Building Control is exercised under the Building Act & through the application of the Building Regulations approved by Parliament. The Building Regs define what is meant by ‘building work’, they set out minimum standards of design and construction which apply to various categories of building work & establish procedures for ensuring that building work meets these standards.

Do I Need building regulations approval

If you are doing anything other than minor DIY it is likely that the work will fall with the building regulations. There are essentially 2 types of building regulation. Building notice which is required for smaller works like relocating a bathroom. This is to tell the building inspector what you plan to do & they will most likely visit to ensure you are meeting the relevant regulations. If you are having more substantial works like a large extension this will be covereed is covered by a full plans application. For this detailed plans must be submitted to building control before work starts & covers everything including site health & safety. Even after the applications have been submitted & approved the building inspector will make regular visits to check all is OK and the work is in line with approvals given.They may bring other experts for example a structural engineer if you're working with load bearing walls.

What sort of jobs need approval

Not a definitive list:-

When don’t I need approval

Go to Building Regs: Electrics, Water & Gas >>

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