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Electric Water & Gas


All new electrical work must comply with regulations known as Part P.  Minor works such as changing plug sockets, ceiling roses and replacing damaged cables are generally not covered by Part P and you can do these yourself provided you are competent. So if you just swapping 'like-for-like' you should be OK to do it yourself EXCEPT if the work is in a kitchen, a bathroom or outside. At 3D we recommend using qualified people for all electrical work for your safety & convenience.

All other electrical work is notifiable work and building control will need to check the work. (There is a cost for this which varies from between councils). It’s possible to avoid using the council a by using a registered installer who can certify their own work. We only use registered and certified electricians at 3D Builders Manchester>

After the work has been been carried out your electrician must present you with a BS 7621 electrical safety certificate and you should also be sent a Building Regulations compliance certificate. Again we at 3D Builders handle all of this for you.

You can do notifiable work if you are not unqualified  but make need to get it inspected to ensure it meets regulations otherwise you may end up with with a £5,000 fine.


Again it is fine to undertake minor jobs like replacing a bathroom suite, tap sink or toilet, but if you have to alter the drainage in any way, deal with electric lighting or appliances you will need to meet building regulations. If you're replacing mains water pipes, hot water tanks or altering drainage the work may additionally need to meet Water Fitting Regulations to prevent potential contamination of drinking water. For more details look up the the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.


This is an area more tightly controlled than even electric or water. Technically you can if you are competent work with gas on your own property but in this competent actually means qualified, so it always safer,easier  and compliant to use a Gas Safe-registered gas engineers.

Gas engineers must be registered for Part P, so they can self certify or organise an inspector to check any electrical work. You will probably need to consider Part L as almost all new boilers now have to be energy efficient. A Gas Safe engineer can assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate boiler to install.

Finally, for any work with combustion appliances such as ovens or boilers you will need to meet Part J of the regulations to ensure that they are installed safely. Again, a Gas Safe engineer can certify their own work or organise a Building Regulation officer to do it for you.

We recommenced that for all gas work no matter how small use a registered gas engineer otherwise you could be breaking the law, not to mention building regulations and taking a huge safety risk not just for you but also those around you..

Go to  >> Building Regs Consent & Inspection

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER Please note that the information provided on this website is intended as a rough guide and should not be considered a definitive source of legal information.