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How to get Consent

Using 3D Builders on your building project means that this is something you do not have to worry about as we will take take of every aspect of obtaining building regulations approval and consent but for the strong willed here follows a precis of how to go about obtaining consent and what happens after.

Once you have completed the forms and submitted your plans and drawings the Building Control department of your local council they will scrutinise them and either grant a Conditional Approval, or as often happens, come back to you with queries and requests for further information before finally granting conditional approval.

When they give approval it is always conditional because only after the building is built or project completed, has been inspected and tested can the final approval be granted. This is formally confirmed by the issue of a Completion Certificate.

When the inspector Calls

Following approval and consent an inspector from the council will attend site (often at crucial interludes like foundations) to check the quality of workmanship and to ensure that site conditions are in accordance with the assumptions made in design submissions.

Building Control Inspectors who inspect the work on site are not the same as the office based Building Control Officers who check the documentation. Builders may also refer to "the DS" which is short for the old title of District Surveyor.'

The process of certifying compliance has latterly been deregulated to some degree  so that certain private companies and individuals have been authorised to issue Building Control consent in place of the local authority. These are known as Approved Inspectors and can be well worth considering as they are more willing to offer advice during the application process which tends not to happen when applying via the Local Authority.'

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER Please note that the information provided on this website is intended as a rough guide and should not be considered a definitive source of legal information.